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We Rohan Malvankar and Darshan Solanki started UR Astro with the mission of helping people with their problems through astrological predictions and remedies.

UR ASTRO was formed with a vision to provide result oriented solutions to issues faced by masses in today’s competitive world. We believe in providing effective and result oriented solutions to our clients.

Apart from 9 grahas we provide the effects of the other three grahas namely Harshal, Neptune and pluto which can make drastic changes in your life. We provide detail study of your horoscope by analyzing these 12 grahas.

Consult us / kundali Prediction

After considering the planetary positions, dosha in your horoscope, we provide accurate predictions. We give you an overview of your future prospects and Remedies.

The predictions includes the following aspects:

  1. Personality

Information about UR appearance, Nature will be provided.

  1. Education

The Kind of education you will have and selection of career.

  1. Business or Job

Depending upon your birthchart, we will give you advice for entering into business / job.

  1. Health

Movements of planets and its effect on your health and appropriated remedies.

  1. Nakshatra Dosh
  2. Shani Saadesaati period
  3. UR kaalSarp Dosh
  4. Narayan Naagbali
  5. Guru Mangal Dosh
  6. Chandra dosh
  7. Gaja Kesari Shubh Yog

Consultancy Charges – Rs.1000/-

Appointment date will be sent on your email id or over phone within 24hrs.

To book an appointment kindly fill the form and proceed with the payment.

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