Ruby Zoisite bracelet

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Colour :Green & Pink & Purple
Material : Semi precious Stone (Ruby Zoisite)
Dimension : (L) 8″
Weight : Approx 40 Gm
Uses : Spiritual, Fashion, Healing

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Ruby Zoisite has strong life force energies that make it an effective stone for healing. It will bring whoever wears it positive and happy feelings that will fight emotional diseases like depression.

It can enhance positive energy flow that can help with various physical complaints. It will help boost your immune system and ease adrenal fatigue.
It will also promote better blood circulation, amplifying and distributing the stone?s energies all throughout your body.

This stone can regulate menstrual flow and alleviate pains associated with a woman?s monthly period.

It?s known to be very beneficial to the reproductive organs and is often used to treat infertility, impotence, and other sexual dysfunction and gynecological issues.
It can help detoxify the body, treat infections, and bring down fevers. It will stimulate the kidneys and the spleen, as well as regulate metabolism to address problems with weight gain or weight loss.
Ruby Zoisite is also good to have with you because it can help ease motion sickness. It will also restore the luster to your hair and the gleam on your nails.

It will promote cellular function and regeneration. It will reduce panic attacks, promote good sleep, and help the wearer overcome claustrophobia.

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