Panchdhatu Meru Yantra (Razor cutted) 4×4″

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Colour : Golden
Material : Panchdhatu
Dimension : 4*4″
Weight : Approx 400 Gm
Uses : Religious,Spiritual,Pooja

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Panchdhatu Meru Yantra (Razor cutted)

This meru yantra is made specially from five types of metalswith a razor cutting technology. All the sides are uniform in its shape.
Meru yantra is the most auspicious yantra among all. It attracts Universal cosmic energy and spreads the energy in the surrounding area.It purifies the surrounding area. It is believed to resemble the the goddess ‘Adishakti’ or tripursundari. All 33 crores gods are worshipped in this yantra.
Through devotion and faith it blesses the worshipper with positive thoughts, peace, fame, prosperity, success, good health, better relationships.
Placement: It can be placed in the home temple, office, shop etc. But make sure that the surrounding area is clean. It should be placed in the east or north or north-east direction of the premises.
Puja procedure: We also provide you the procedure of placing after we dispatch the meru yantra to you.

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Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 10.16 × 10.16 × 10.16 cm


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