Saptashati Maha Yantra 9″

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Colour :Copper Brown
Material : Copper
Dimension : (LxH) 9×9″
Weight : Approx 270 Gm
Uses : Puja Essentials,Worship
Available Sizes : 3×3″,4×4″,6×6″,9×9″,12×12″

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The Durga Saptashati yantra symbolizes the Goddess Durga. The yantra is a very powerful one and the one who has it is showered with divine blessings from Goddess Durga. People who establish this yantra in their homes are blessed with good luck in professional aspects. It is the provider of all the good and positive. When a person worships this yantra he gets all his desires fulfilled and also all his troubles are gone.
It is said that a person who has this yantra cannot be harmed by anyone but the Gods. People experience good luck in their educational and career path after worshipping this yantra. It is also helpful in removing poverty and all the money related issues. This yantra is among the most effective and famous yantras and worshipping it bestows wealth, family protection, good health and good luck to the Sadhak.
Durga Saptshati Yantra is a charm that will bring luck to you especially in your business.Durga Yantra is of shri Durga Ambe Maa. This charm is carved in gold, silver or copper, and this is being exalted by Beej Mantra and brings good results. Durga Yantra is a powerful yantra for achieving your wants, to eradicate obstacles and to overcome the enemies; these are the special effects of yantra. This yantra will give you wealth, peace and will keep you away from harm.

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