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Yantra from UR ASTRO

UR Astro yantra are highly quality oriented and focus on giving long durability. We energize each yantra before we send it to clients.

We provide copper embossed yantras with 22 guage thickness.

Copper yantra are energised by chanting mantras and abhishek.

We provide wide range of copper yantra for different use. We are  recognized globally for our spiritual products.

Our Team at UR ASTRO, provide copper yantra in bulk. We make sure that our clients around the world are satisfied with our products and they get the result of the products purchased from us.

Yantras offered by us are engraved accurately on the basis of the Religious literature and texts.

Yantra’s diagrams are perfect such that they give the desired result.

Yantras provided by us have a high life if preserved accordingly.

We provide copper yantra and other religious yantras ranging from 3×3 inch, 4x4inch, 6x6inch, 9x9inch, 12x12inch, 14x14inch, 15x15inch

We provide various types of yantra such as: Acrylic yantra, Copper yantra, Mix metal yantras, Gold Foil yantra.

Copper Yantra offered by us can also be gold plated with 24k purity.

We are recognized manufacturers and suppliers in India and Mumbai and are Exporters of wide range of Copper Yantra, Religious Idols.

We make sure that are prices are competitive and hence we provide  Copper yantra at Best Price in India and Mumbai. We offer yantra online at reasonable price.

What is a yantra and benefits?

Yantra is also called as Yantram, is a sacred diagram that includes spiritual mantras and other inscriptions based on Hindu Astrology and Ancient Religious Texts. It is associated with us since more than 10,000 years.

These religious yantra contents are taken from ancient texts and are accurately informative.

Yantras contain astrological and spiritual influences.

Yantras contain powerful mantras and geometrical designs on it and are very easy to carry.

Yantras are associated with a particular deity.

Yantras are used for business success, career, concentration and success in jobs.

They are beneficial for attraction, worship, meditation, spiritual powers, wealth, prosperity and various other benefits.

They are used in worship at homes, temples, and sometimes worn as a protection pendant.

Yantras can be engraved on a paper, engraved on different types metal / copper plates.

copper yantra is widely used due to positive elements of the metal.

Copper sri yantra is among the various auspicious yantras that resembles Tripur Sundari (Shakti).

Shree Chakra Yantra or Shree Yantram are considered to be very auspicious as it brings success and prosperity to the worshipper.

Copper Shree yantra resembles Goddess Lakshmi or Goddess of wealth and is made finely by our experienced artists.

It is also named as Shree Chakra Yantra Globally.

Yantra are placed in Temples, Homes and various other places to generate positive vibes and remove malefic effects.

There is yantra for every religious deity or for specific tasks. Yantra should be energized by chanting mantras before it is put to use.

Yantras can be placed beneath the ground, wall or can be carried along.

Usage of a Yantra:

  • Yantra should be cleaned with water daily during worship.
  • An individual should apply fragrance and Sandalwood power / kumkum to it as per its deity.
  • Chanting mantra of the deity energizes it and it increased your spiritual power.
  • An individual must do sankalpa or wish on the yantra before leaving for work / business.

Placement of a Yantra:

  • Every religious yantra should be placed in a clean and sacred place.
  • It should be placed in Home / Office Temple or in any positive place.
  • It gives optimal result if placed in the north, north-east direction as this direction is considered as the place of God.
  • It is best to place the yantra on the wall in the east if it is for meditation.

An individual must sit facing the east towards the yantra and meditate.

  • Each yantra has its own placement importance depending upon it’s deity.
  • It can also be carried along if it is bought for a specific purpose.

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Hi, We are Rohan Malvankar & Darshan Solanki (ASTROLOGER & VASTU CONSULTANT). Rohan practised astrology since he was young and his several predictions till now has been accurate. He has given several positive results to clients coming from different backgrounds. He has been giving genuine solutions to clients and makes sure that their issues are resolved. He is always available to help and guide clients. Darshan did his graduation in commerce, but somehow wanted to do something different in his career. He always liked helping people and giving them needed assistance if they were stuck somewhere in life. He felt that astrology and vastu shastra are the sources through which he can follow his passio. They always wanted to do something that could make a difference in the society. That’s when they both met and started off to form UR ASTRO – here we provide genuine astrology based predictions and vastu consultancy service. We understand client’s problem first and then after detailed study we provide them with best solutions. We also make sure that our clients get optimum result. We understand their use of astrology and vastu shastra remedies can surely bring positive outcome in one’s life. Apart from services, we also provide Authentic Spiritual Products to our clients globally. We are one stop store for any of your astrological, vastu, spiritual products requirements. Our Team at UR ASTRO, makes sure that you get your products on time and are always available at your service.

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